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    BUIG is a non-profit organisation, that invests in the holistic development of individuals in farm and rural areas in order to stimulate the progress in which these communities can grow and work together, eradicating poverty, and...
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    I started my art journey when I arrived in Uniondale during 2008. I prefer painting animals, and have been known to do a commission here and there.
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    The RYCO – Arts and Culture Development Project – gives arts training schools in Uniondale, Avontuur and Haarlem, including the surrounding farm areas.
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    Beautiful handwork (especially quilts and cushions) are created by ladies from the Kammanassie Area from scrap fabric.
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    Zimbabwe born painter and sculptress Sheena Ridley has her studio gallery the Langkloof Gallery and Sculpture Garden on the Kykoe Road, thirty kilometres from Uniondale.
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    Inspired by traditional Khoi and San ceremonial dances around the fire, this dance is a recognized form of cultural expression. Riel dances include courtship rituals, and they also mimic typical animal antics along with lots of...
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    Allen Jorgensen, photographer, writer and traveller, has co-authored a number of books on the steam railways of South Africa and Africa, one of which, The Great Steam Trek, has become a collectors item.
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    Lauren Greger works in the medium of glass and studied in Northern Ireland. In her glass fusion process she usually does a series of up to 4 firings to achieve the reactions and deep forms in the vessels she is currently working...
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    At Bon Accord Gallery & Coffee Shop, I also do artistic paint effect classes as well as mosaic on commission. The paint effect classes is done over 2 days and for more information or to book a class, feel free to contact me.
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    Walk the Labyrinth – Path of Hope, in Voortrekker Street, Uniondale. The gate is open for everybody who wants to get silent and enjoy this Karoo Labyrinth, a community project driven by the owner of the adjacent Cottages...
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    Mosaic, or maybe rather Pique Assiette (or Trencadís, which is a type of mosaic created using broken pieces of ceramic) is a hobby that developed into a small home based business under the name KarooL . . . Karoo Cool!
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    Life in Uniondale these past 4 years in my Idyllic historic cottage is punctuated largely by my interest in pottery. A short walk up the road takes me to the work I love best.
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