Prince Alfreds Pass

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In the 1800's Thomas Bain was asked to build the pass which provided him with his biggest challenge to date. He began his work on the pass in 1860 and completed it in 1867 for a mere £11 000.

Today, Prince Alfred's Pass is a well-travelled road for both South Africans and international tourists linking the Klein Karoo with the coast.

With four biomes on the pass it provides a home to an abundance of indigenous fauna and flora. The road crosses the river 7 times while winding through the mountains. This spectacular 88km mountain pass is also the home of the Middle Keurbooms Conservancy. Concerned landowners started the conservancy in June 2006. Today it covers more than 30 thousand hectares, protecting indigenous fauna and flora and participating in various eco-tourism and eco-farming activities.

It is the only pass in South Africa where people live alongside the road and trade in the pass. Come and explore this lovely winding road, be warned that you will be charmed by it’s beauty. De Vlugt is a small hamlet somewhat half way through the pass.