The Riel Dancers

Last Updated: March 2017

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About The Riel Dancers

Inspired by traditional Khoi and San ceremonial dances around the fire, this dance is a recognized form of cultural expression. Riel dances include courtship rituals, and they also mimic typical animal antics along with lots of bravado, showmanship and foot stomping in traditional outfits.

The RIEL DANSERS dance troupe started in August 2014 when convenor Rhyno Davidson spotted a group of children dancing in a local farm concert in Avontuur. He was blown away by their energetic performance, and set about offering his assistance to choreograph and train the group as a Riel dance group because their footwork was more like Riel dance than kwaito.

The group regularly performs at local schools church functions. Highlights have been performances at a family festival in Plettenburgbay, the National Congress (Business Chamber) event in George, SWD International School rugby at the George Outeniqua Stadium, the Emo Adams Event in Uniondale and splendidly at the KKNK in Oudsthoorn.

The group of around 26 young people love performing and if you would like them to perform at your event please contact