Wagon Trail from Uniondale to Avontuur

Last Updated: March 2017

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About Wagon Trail from Uniondale to Avontuur

High skill, high fitness required for the 12km one way to Avontuur. The climb out of Lyonville to the saddle is brutal. The road surface is loose and steep; Geoff feels that the grader that fixes it up for the Karoo2Coast actually ruins the fun and takes the challenge away. You are officially challenged to ride it without dabbing. Pace yourself.

The gravity fed way down from the saddle is easy to get very wrong. Again fist sized rocks over hardpack with constant water mitigation ridges that want to launch you. Airtime is fun, but oft time they will put you over the side of a 100m drop.

You can either come back the way you came, or take the tar road through the Uniondale Poort back to town.

Real super heroes will extend this ride over to De Vlugt and then come back the same route. The run down to De Vugt will put a grin on the most jaded single track junky, and the climb back up will teach you what your legs are for.

The route goes over private property, so please contact the owners for permission.


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