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Last Updated: March 2017

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About Pinkster Protestant Church

(aka Uniondale Congregational Church)

Thomas Hood, preacher and teacher, was sent to Avontuur in 1840 by the London Missionary Society. He started his congregation with 6 members, but this quickly increased to 100. He was a popular person in the community because of his knowledge of medicine. He collected enough money for a church building in Avontuur, but for some reason or another it wasn’t built there, but later in Uniondale, which at that stage was known as Hopedale.

The date on one of the gateposts, 1843, probably refers to the foundation of this mission congregation. The mission church separates the Lyon and Hopedale parts of the village layout. The church building was probably completed around 1865.

When the London Missionary Society left South Africa, the building fell into increasing disrepair. The Uniondale Historic Building Foundation bought the complex and restored it, and also re-thatched and repainted the chapel. The complex is now a national monument.

The school building is now Little Theatre Cafe and tourism office. Locals love musical evenings and hanging out on Friday evenings.

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