Dutch Reformed Church

Last Updated: April 2017

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About Dutch Reformed Church

The original Dutch Reformed Church (built in 1866) is at the Southern entrance of Uniondale on Voortrekker Street, now called the Voortrekker Saal and is used for community projects.

The magnificent new Dutch Reformed Church in Uniondale up on Hood Street was built in 1884. You will notice that the tower has the inscription “herbouw in 1908”. This is because the original sandstone tower was unable to withstand the strain of the swinging action of the heavy church bells when they were rung.

These huge bells are now mounted on a wooden beam, and are struck with clappers, ringing the time every half hour.

The clock tower (obviously) houses the original clock mechanism, which needs to be wound three times a week. We are assured by clock enthusiasts that ours is one of the finest examples of original mechanisms ever seen

For more about the bells and clock see the Village Life Winter 2010 article below.

Muted Bells