Laslap Project

Last Updated: August 2018

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About Laslap Project

LASLAP is a community project for women in the rural Kammanassie district. 

The project started in 2011 with bags full of donated fabric and very willing ladies looking for a creative outlet and an opportunity for skills development in this very rural part of Uniondale. It has since become a welcome extra income for the participants and their families. 

Currently we make use of a range of original "Three Cats Shweshwe" which is 100% cotton. 

LASLAP specialize in making adorable patchwork blankets (some hand quilted for the authentic touch) as well as smaller items like patchwork quilts which are professionally quilted to add professionalism to the product. 

The initiative can be supported by visiting "Die Plaaskind Padstal" in de Vlught where the products are displayed.